Wholesale Enquiries

Already an authorised Pernille Corydon Retail Stockist in Australia?

Great! The main reason we established this website is to enable our retail stockists to view our current catalogue at any time and place re-orders quickly and efficiently.  The process is simple.  First sign up for an online account on this webstore (Create account) which is effective immediately.  Then email your store details and the email address you nominated when you opened the account to us at info@collated.com.au.  From this, we will associate your webstore login with our in-house wholesale account for you, and will naturally apply your wholesale pricing when your orders come in.  It’s that quick and simple.

Please note, when you place your orders online the pricing will appear to be at retail… Don’t worry, we will apply your wholesale pricing when we process your order and issue Tax Invoices accordingly.

Looking to become an authorised Pernille Corydon Retail Stockist in Australia?

Pernille Corydon Australia appoints authorised stockists based on suitability and geographic location.  Territories are managed carefully to ensure our valued stockists are not ‘crowded’ in their respective locations and enjoy the opportunity to be “The Destination” for Pernille Corydon Jewellery in their region.  If you would like to be considered for appointment as an Pernille Corydon Retail Stockist, please email info@collated.com.au with your Store Name, Address, Type of Store, Brands that you stock, Photos of your store from the outside and within, Social Media links and any other details that will help us assess your application.  We look forward to hearing from you…